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About the Trainers 2022

Paulina Arancibia- Zumba

My name is Paulina, I am 29 years old and I have always been very fond of dancing.
I started dancing ballet when I was 5 years old, I followed this direction for about 10 years.
Then I continued with Dancehall, Salsa and Reggaeton. In March 2019 I have
completed the Zumba training and it gives me a lot of fun to share these joy of dancing.
I am looking forward to you!


Sandra Moll - Piloxing

A workout for powerful, self-confident and strong women - that was the basic idea of ​​Viveca Jensen, founder of PILOXING. PILOXING is an energetic full-body workout combining the disciplines of boxing, Pilates & dancing. This interval training activates the cardiovascular system, strengthens the musculature and promotes an upright posture, all with lots of fun and motivating music.
Sandra Moll has been a GroupFitness Instructor since 2008 and has had PILOXING fever since 2015! As an Elite Star Instructor for PILOXING, she represents the brand at events, but also loves giving her own courses in Stockerau and the surrounding area.

Felix Kerres - Paddeln

President of the Vienna Dragons Dragon Boat Club

When I jumped into a dragon boat (quite literally) as part of a team building event, in 2010, I believed I knew what to expect. This was not the case.Dragon boating is simply different!
After completely reinventing and regaining control of my limbs, I was hooked on dragon boating. At very latest, after my first competition: the dynamics, the power and the team spirit in the boat are tangible and incomparable!
From 2011 I was regularly paddling and have stayed with it ever since. First as an active sportsperson, but increasingly as helmsman, official and coach. My focus hs moved mainly to pink paddling and supporting the Vienna Pink Dragons :). Because of this, I have gone on to train as a dragon boat trainer so I can offer sustainable and physiologically meaningful training.

Terhi Korhonen - XCO Shape

My name is Terhi Korhonen. I am 45 years old and come from Stockerau.
I have always loved to exercise and have done and tried many sports. During my first studies I also took trainer-instructor courses. Since my sons needed me as a chauffeur and parent, I was only found in different ice rinks during this time and therefore tended to only run.
Since a few years I have more time for myself again and sport plays a big role in my life. I'm interested in many different sports and I'm also slowly continuing my skills. I am happy that I can be part of the Pinkathlon2000 as a trainer.
We will shake the Au with the XCO Shape Workout!

The XCO weights promote the strengthening of deep abdominal and back muscles as well as the collagen connective tissue. Expect a varied, muscle-strengthening workout that's easy on your joints!
We shake the XCOs to catchy rhythms, which makes the workout a sweaty full-body workout with a great fun factor. Shake it!

Karoline Prey - CIRCL Mobility

As a sports grouch, I discovered running for myself 10 years ago and have learned to love it to this day. That was my start in the world of sports. I realized that exercise was good for me and, above all, extremely fun! I found the perfect balance to my studies and later to my office job. A short time later, I signed up for a gym. There I found great enjoyment, especially for the group classes. A hobby turned into a passion. At that time I was a participant in the classes - today I am the trainer and get to share my joy and motivation with my participants! My first training for the HIIT program Strong Nation was followed by many more, such as fitness trainer, group fitness trainer, Pound trainer, Zumba trainer and recently also CIRCL Mobility trainer. I love to infect others with my good vibes and enjoy seeing us grow and get stronger together!
The CIRCL Mobility program is based on the science of functional movement and focuses on flexibility, breathwork and mobility exercises. Whether you're a fitness enthusiast, a busy mom, or a 9-5er, CIRCL Mobility helps to release stress, restore your range of motion, and renew your ability to move better, longer.

Karoline Prey.jpg

Kathrin Enk (Tsu Yuen Fashi) - Tai Chi

After many years of Buddhist meditation, my path lead me to the ancient Taoist teachings and practice of Tai Chi and Qi Gong. Following seven years of intensive training in a Taoist center in Guatemala, I have returned to Austria and would like to pass on what I have learned. I am currently offering courses in Stockerau and Korneuburg.

This form of Tai Chi (Taiji Tao) is also called prenatal meditation. Through gentle and conscious forms of movement, the energy patterns that have settled in our body, movements and thoughts, can be dissolved and we can regain access to our perceptions, our body awareness and to our deep feelings and intuition.

It is important to me to offer the opportunity to try out this technique in order to regain strength in difficult times and to feel inwards, most especially for women.

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