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About the Pinkathlon2000

Pinkathlon2000 is an event organised by a group of friends, The Amazons, together with the Vienna Pink Dragons.

Our Objectives

Objectives of the event is to increase breast cancer awareness and to support pink paddling through raising funds, thus further enabling Dragon Boat Paddling as a rehabilitation sport.

Info desks at the event

It is close to our hearts to raise awareness and the ability to recognise early signs. There will be information desk on organisations that work in the areas of prevention, support through treatment and rehabilitation. A number will have a personal representative present. The organisations are cooperation partners with the Vienna Pink Dragons (see partner page).

Dialogue with affected people

It is not only the person directly touched by breast cancer that needs support and understanding, it is also the family members, friends, colleagues, close and loved ones. So a number of the Vienna Pink Dragons and their families and friends will be approachable at the event, giving an opportunity to speak in confidence with a kindred spirit, to exchange experience, speak about worries and receive understanding. Whether daughter, husband, wife, aunt, grandmother, grandfather, best friends, a colleague... So that you can recognise who to approach and take a seat with at the quite corner, they will be wearing a badge with the Pink Dragon and their relation to someone touched by breast cancer or the person affected themselves.

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