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Pinkathlon2000 participants take part in

  1. Zumba

  2. Fitness Stations - choose 3: Paddling, Piloxing, XCO Shape, CIRCL Mobility (each approx. 25min)

  3. ~5 km run (running, walking, dancing, leaping,... as you wish)

  4. Cool down - Stretching

  5. Tai Chi workshop


From 9:00 a.m. you can collect your starter-wristband (nature lovers boathouse)

10:00 Event opening and start of moderation

10:15 Zumba for all with Paulina

All participants of the Pinkathlon2000 start with a 10-minute Zumba party to wake up, warm up and dance together.

10:30 Fitness stations - choose 3:

Piloxing with Sandra (energetic full-body workout, consists of boxing, Pilates & dancing)

Paddling with Felix (in a canoe, rehabilitation sport for breast cancer patients, swimmers only)

XCO shape with Terhi (stands for Extreme Core and implies strength training of the body's core)

CIRCL Mobility with Karo (restore your range of motion and renew your mobility)

12:30 short Zumba warm-up, run start for all

All participants start together into the running course, which will be about 5 km long. There is no timekeeping, the goal is the joy of movement. You can walk, run, leap, dance - just as you like. The running track is also suitable for strollers and bicycles.

13:30 Cool down and stretching with Terhi

13:45-14:45 Tai Chi workshops with Kathrin

Participation in the workshop is included in the participation fee. Visitors of the Pinkathlon2000 can also participate in the workshop with a donation of at least 5€.

15:00  Tombola with prizes from the Stockerau area

            Awarding of the prize for the most original outfit

Supporting programme (see About us)

  • Infodesk with information from organizations working in the fields of breastcancer awareness, treatment and rehabilitation

  • Childcare: Daycare provider Denise Scheibelberger will be at the Pinkathlon2000 with her craft station and will be making keyrings with the children on site.

  • “You May Ask Me”: an opportunity to exchange with people whose lives have been touched by breast cancer.  You can see who you can approach by the badge “Du Darfst mich Fragen”

  • Café "Zum Pink Dragon" (homemade pastries and coffee)

Subject to change

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